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Vocal Lessons
At the Allans Billy Hyde Academy we have lessons for those who want to sing! Our vocal lessons are for all ages and levels of ability. With friendly and professional teachers, all budding vocalists or established musicians who want to learn how to sing, too, can develop their confidence, control and projection in an encouraging and comfortable learning environment.

These lessons are mostly of a private nature, as our Academy understands the sometimes daunting nature of turning your vocal chords into a musical instrument. Posture, breathing and pitch. Head-voice, chest-voice, falsetto and belting. From Taylor Swift to Tori Amos, from Michael Buble to Elton John to stage repertoire – find out what proper vocal coaching can do for your musical experience and self-confidence!

Note: Some of our Allans Billy Hyde academy vocal teachers also provide support for AMEB grading.

What are you waiting for? Check out our Academy locations below and register your interest today!

What are you waiting for? Check out our Academy locations below and register your interest today!

Vocal Lessons LESSONS – Academy Locations

Melbourne - 152 Bourke Street

New South Wales
Alexandria - 108 Botany Road

Southport - 53 Nerang Street

South Australia
Adelaide - 58 Gawler Place

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