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Allans Billy Hyde Academy | 152 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Our location in downtown Melbourne is ideally suited for people who work in the city or are joining the increasing number of permanent residents. Our lesson times can be flexible to cater for your needs, whether a lunchtime suits, or lessons on the weekend. We offer private air conditioned teaching rooms on the first floor of our iconic city store and cater for all ages and levels of experience.

We are now taking bookings for Guitar, Violin, Piano, Brass & Woodwind, Drum and Vocal lessons. We offer a no obligation FREE trial lesson so prospective students can view the updated rooms, the fantastic new performance stage and meet one of our teachers to discuss their objectives and our tuition options.

For more info about music lessons, please call FREE CALL 1800 4 LESSONS (1800 453 776) and leave a detailed message or email your name, daytime telephone number and which Academy location you are enquiring about to the Academy Coordinators at
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Elyan Fernova - Drums

Elyan Fernova - Drums Meet Elyan

From the age of four, Elyan drove his neighbours insane with his incessant playing. He went on to study the drum set with teacher, Mariano Manocchi (Italian State Television percussionist), for three years.

When Fernova turned twenty, he made the transition to professional, where he undertook a short summer course at the Dante Agostini College in Paris. He hit the "big time" in 1985, when he was asked to do a session for world-renowned band, Via Verdi. Elyan toured Europe extensively with Via Verdi, who, with the hit single “Diamond” sold over 7 million records worldwide!

When asked, "What kind of drummer would you like to consider yourself?" Fernova always replies, "I’m still working on it, you never can say I’ve got there, but I’m happy with my playing. There’s always a step forward. You know, if someone is happy with his playing, to me it sounds like you don’t have the courage to learn more - basically you halt your knowledge to discover new things. It’s very painful sometimes but I think in the end, it’s worthwhile to keep your spirit and curiosity about learning alive. For example, I consider myself a pop drummer. I like to keep steady beats on the tracks, live and in the studio, that’s why I’ve always loved Carlos Vega and Jeff Porcaro (Toto) - they’re still my main inspirations. You understand what they do and to me, the main role of a drummer is to keep a steady beat - it’s the backbone of the whole thing."

Matt Woolhouse - Drums

Matt Woolhouse - Drums

Matt began his musical journey on bass guitar but soon, by default and at age 13, became the drummer in a high-school band. At 19, Woolhouse relocated to Melbourne and successfully auditioned at NMIT for the Advanced Diploma of Music Performance and has since completed his Bachelor of Australian Popular Music Degree.

Matt has 6 years solid teaching experience and is also contracted through Creative Music and the Victorian Education Department. He has experience with large percussion ensembles, small group scenarios and one-on-one.

Matt has had some of Australia’s finest drummers as his teachers. Alex Deegan, Graham Morgan, Tony Floyd and Simon Barker. He finally felt his confidence and ability shine through with the tuition of the legendary David Jones.

Matt has played in many different bands from a Greek wedding band to extreme thrash metal, from indie pop rock to the occasional jazz trio. He has recorded and toured Australia with; One Way Out, Muscle Car, Master Smasher, Lady Byron and Desecrator.

Arna Morton - Violin and Viola

Arna Morton - Violin and Viola

Arna Morton (nee Shaw) was born in Christchurch, NZ and begun studying the violin at age five. Since then, her initial materialistic view of the instrument has flourished into a genuine love for it. Her immense passion for music was ignited in secondary school, learning under Bistra Dimitrova (CSO), she became involved in various orchestras including the NZSO National Youth Orchestra from age 16.

Arna has completed both her Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance and her Post-Graduate Diploma with Distinction in Violin Performance under her inspirational teacher Helene Pohl of the New Zealand String Quartet. This year, Arna completed her requirements to gain her Master of Musical Arts in Violin Performance after being awarded a Victoria Masters by Thesis Scholarship - one of the university’s most prestigious scholarships.

Arna has been concertmaster and has also performed as a soloist on numerous occasions in many reputable New Zealand Orchestras. She has won many awards for Excellence in Violin Performance including the Clare Galambos-Winter Undergraduate Scholarship 2011, the Clare Galambos-Winter Postgraduate Scholarship 2012, and the 2013 Alex Lindsay Memorial Award granted through the NZSO; this prestigious award not only assisted her purchase of a new violin, but also placed her on the honour list alongside some of the country’s top musicians. In March 2014, Arna moved to Melbourne to spread her wings in a new musically and culturally-rich community.

Delaney Stewart - Guitar

Delaney Stewart - Guitar & Bass Meet Delaney

Delaney is a highly skilled musician with a young and fresh approach to communicating music to all demographics. As a student of The Victorian College of the Arts and Monash University, the last twenty years have been devoted to shaping an original style and brand for himself that has been rewarded with a solid reputation in the industry.

Primarily focusing on building repertoire, mastering skills and developing knowledge of the instrument, his lessons are exciting and his students progress quickly.

His experience is extensive in all facets of the industry ranging from writing, rehearsing and performing music, recording, engineering and producing music in the studio, promoting and marketing music for one-off shows or large scale tours.

Stylistically, Delaney’s skills and taste are wildly versatile. He plays in Rock ‘n’ Roll band Straylove, gypsy jazz band Rats in the Kitchen, and is half of a Brazilian guitar duo. Delaney has learnt from, and worked with some of the best musicians in the country and has toured Australia and abroad many times.

Shaun Rammers - Saxophone and Clarinet

Shaun Rammers - Saxophone and Clarinet

Shaun Rammers is a saxophonist and clarinettist who is part of the jazz and improvised music scene in Australia. Shaun has had the privilege of performing with some of Australia's finest musicians including Peter Jeavons, Jamie Oehlers and Ben Vanderwal. He has played at Melbourne's Uptown Jazz Café, 303 bar, Bennett¹s Lane, the Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Concert Hall, The Seymour Centre and the Sydney Opera House. In 2012, Shaun performed his original music at Canberra's second international Jazz Festival.

Shaun completed his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance, at the end of 2013, at the WA Academy of Performing Arts where he studied with Jamie Oehlers, Tom O¹Halloran and Carl Mackey.

Shaun is currently a member of the Bennett's Lane Big Band. He also performs and writes for his band Question Time, which he co-leads with Andrew Gioia. Shaun is a passionate musician and teacher, who loves to perform and share his music.

Zachary Lazarevski - Piano

Zachary Lazarevski - Piano Meet Zachary

Zac is a very passionate teacher who loves to help people of all ages discover the joy of music, and become knowledgeable, independent and versatile musicians. He has the skill to balance innovative new methods and a natural instinct, with traditional teaching techniques.

A student of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Zac is currently in his 2nd year of his Bachelor of Music degree. Prior to being accepted, Zac studied for four years with Robin Smith, the musical director of the London Olympic Games opening ceremony, and composer of the title track from Luciano Pavarotti’s final album -“Ti Adoro.” Zac received his Diploma of contemporary Music in 2008.

Although his main field of expertise is classical piano, he’s a versatile musician and teacher who embraces all styles and genres including classical, jazz, pop and rock. A passionate singer since the age of five, his extensive experience composing songs and singing in choirs and rock bands makes him especially qualified to teach singers to accompany themselves on the piano.

He communicates with his students to determine exactly what they want to achieve, inspires them to aim high, and provides them with all the tools, resources, and guidance they need to achieve their goals.